Top 5 money management apps for android users!

Whether you are salaried or self-employed or in Business, we all know that earning money is difficult whereas spending money is easy.

 We need it to buy those things that we need, but keeping a hold of it can be a real pain in the rear end. There are bills to pay, food to buy, and if you have a little left over, a little entertainment so we don’t go insane.

it is not only important for everyone to keep a track of all the incomes and expenses but also keep a track of all the Investments which will help in better Money Management.

Here are the best budget apps and money management apps for Android:

Expense IQ:

Expense IQ is a slightly more polished budget app that has Material Design and gives you a lot of information. Like most, it keeps track of your money, daily expenses, and various bills that you have to pay. It will also generate reports so you can get an overview of how you spend your money so you can fix any problems if they arise. This one also features multiple currencies, split-transactions, cloud syncing, QIF and CSV support, and it even comes with widgets for your convenience. It’s free to use, but you may have to pay for a few of the extra features.



Mint is a beneficial app if you are looking for keeping a track of your finances. It helps to link your bank account with the app. All payments done and expenses incurred are automatically deducted from the account, giving a thorough image of the actual health of your budgets. A notification is mailed to your mobile as a gentle reminder of your expenses along with your current balance.

Mint originally was a web-based personal finance platform that has since moved into the mobile app space. By connecting your bank, investment and loan accounts to this app, it can create and recommend a personalized budget. Mint is secure, as it is backed by the same team that created TurboTax and Quicken. Mint can send you alerts about unusual charges or fees and also includes your credit score. The app is available on iPad, iPhone and Android.


PocketGuard is a budget app that links up directly to your bank accounts. The app focuses on making budgeting as simple and streamlined as possible, showing how much money you have, your income and your spending amounts. Minimalist charts show the analysis of where and how you are spending your money. The app analyzes recurring spending and income in your life and gives a snapshot of your current cash flow situation. The app is available as a web-based app or for Android, iPhone and Apple Watch.


If you trade/invest in Stock Markets or Mutual Funds– then the Moneycontrol App is the best app for you. It very neatly summarises all your Stock Market and Mutual Fund Investments and also keeps you updated with the latest prices of these Investments.

You can create your own Portfolio on the Moneycontrol App and very easily track all your Stock Market Investments through this App at the click of a button. Apart from simply tracking the latest value of your Investments, it also gives you suggestions on whether you should buy/sell or hold your investments.

It also has a very active forum wherein people keep on discussing about the best Investment ideas, best time to buy/ sell and various other investment related discussions.

 PayPal Mobile:


Do you wish to go out for partying, restaurant or for purchasing stationaries? But do you often run out of cash and are unable to know what to do? PayPal mobile application helps to bail you out of this trouble.


With PayPal, transaction of any size can be carried out with ease. It can be used to make transactions online, for restaurants, bills etc.