Top 5 controversies of Alia Bhatt

New Delhi, Nov 5: The bubbly actress of Bollywood Alia Bhatt has gradually emerged as any director's favourite choice considering her track record. She has delivered many hits so far and most of her movies turned out to be blockbusters. Her movies are also equally acclaimed by critics as well. Remarking on her success in the film industry, Ranbir Kapoor has recently said, Alia Bhatt is the Amitach Bachchan of Bollywood today. Interestingly, Alia too has a great respect for Ranbir and the actress once allegedly remarked that Ranbir Kapoor was her childhood crush and wanted to marry him." 

Alia is also equally popular for her many controversies at such a tender age. Whether it’s her personal life or professional, the lady seems to be an eye candy wherever she steps her foot on.

Here we take a close look at some of her major controversies: 

1) Saifai Mahotsav Controversy: Alia Bhatt landed herself in trouble in the year 2014 along with filmstar Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan when they performed at the controversial Safai Mahotsav in Uttar Pradesh. The event was organized at the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's native village Saifai. The event drew major criticism for being a star-studded affair where huge funds were spent which could have been used for the rehabilitation of Muzzafarnagar riot victims. 

However, Ali defended herself when she was questioned by many for participating in the event and said, "We are not sadistic who went to Saifai, and felt happy about those who were suffering! But yes, I do feel bad for not being aware. I just think that it isn't fair to call us inhuman."

Meanwhile, Alia later confessed that the whole controversy made her understand the relevance of being politically more aware. 

2) When Alia made her dad feel like a failure: The controversy erupted had many ramification for Alia later on which impacted (briefly though) her equation with her father Mahesh Bhatt. In an effort to apologise on behald of Alia Bhatt for her participation in the Saifai festival, Mahesh Bhatt allegedly went on record to admit that his daughter made him feel that he had failed as a father! Reacting to his apology, Salman Khan, took to Twitter to say, "Bhatt saab, no need for apology, Alia's upbringing is great. I was proud to share the stage with her. She earns her living with hard work and dignity."

3) Koffee With Karan's episode: The controversy erupted at Karan Johar's show 'Koffee with Karan' when Alia replied 'Prithviraj Chauhan' to a question asked by Karan Johar about who is the President of India. Alia was trolled badly on twitter and other social media sites for her poor awareness about politics and labelled as 'beauty without brains. In that episode Alia was featured along with her co-stars, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. 

4) Wardrobe malfunction during movie promotion: Alia was caught in an embarrasing situation while promoting her film, Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania, with co-star Varun Dhawan when she gave papparazi a little more than she bargained for, with her blink-and-miss wardrobe malfunction. A candid lift by Varun landed her in trouble with her clothes, for which she reportedly told off the actor, later.