Top 10 uses of tea

New Delhi: Tea is loaded with health benefits. Not only does it reduce the risk heart attacks and strokes but it also boosts immune system and protects the body against the effects of pollution.

Apart from being used as a refreshing beverage, tea can also be used to benefit your beauty and home.

So, here are ten different ways to use tea:

For Soothing sunburns

Take a few wet tea bags and apply them to the affected area. This even works well for other types of minor burns e.g. from a teapot or steaming iron.


For relieving tired eyes

Soak two teabags in warm water and place them over your eyes for 15-20 minutes to revitalize tired or puffy eyes.


For hair conditioning

Give you dull and dry hair a natural shine by using tea as a conditioner. Just replace your regular conditioner with a Liter of unsweetened tea and witness instant effects.


For relieving pain from injections

Take a wet teabag and place it over the site of the injection. Hold it gently until the pain goes away.


For de-odorizing feet

Say goodbye to smelly feet with a simple remedy. Just soak your feet in strong tea for 20 minutes everyday and let tea work its magic.


For reducing razor burns

Guys take a note. To soothe razor burns and relieve painful cuts, place a wet teabag on the affected area after shaving.


For tenderizing meat

Tough meat can be made tender and soft just by marinating it black tea.


For potted plants

Place a few used teabags in the bottom of the planter to help the soil retain water and leach nutrients.


For cleaning wooden furniture

Tannins in tea are great for cleaning wooden furniture. Just boil tea in a Liter of water and let it cool. Dip a soft cloth in the water and use it to clean wooden flooring and furniture.


For spotless mirrors

To get spotless mirrors, rub a damp tea bag on the glass and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

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