Tips to upkeep your vintage cars

New Delhi: Preserve your vintage car by keeping its every nook and corner clean and get it regularly checked on regular basis, says an expert.

Rishab Malik, Co-founder and Vice President -Business Development at Droom (online automobile transactional platform ), rolled out a few tips that can help you through:

* Keep it garbed and sheltered: Direct sunlight causes excessive heat and can impact negatively on various aspects of the vehicle. Likewise, when not garbed properly, wind can blow foreign object into the car that could not only contaminated the car from inside but also leave scratch marks and dents.

Prolonged exposure to water evokes development of rust. This rust has the capacity to eat your car away, which could lead to hunting for various scarce spare parts for your car. 

* Get it professionally checked on regular basis: Owning a vintage car and its maintenance could be a hobby in itself. While performing regular chores for its upkeep by you is a good practice, getting it checked by professional mechanics at regular intervals is even better. It is easy to overlook simple repairs and adjustments, which could later result in more critical problems.

* Deep cleaning for good maintenance: Cleaning your priced possession from every nook and cranny at regular intervals, keeps damages caused by dirt build up at bay. 

Damages such as, rusted parts, chipping paint and poor performance could dim the shine of the antiquity. However, while cleaning, please ensure to rinse and dry the car to remove any residual soap. You might also want to consider adding a coat of wax for protection and to keep it classy.

* Take it out for a drive often: While a lot of vintage car owners might be inclined towards safeguarding and protecting their cars, keeping it completely locked up in the garage does no good to your car. 

Apart from the thrill of showing your car off on the roads, taking it out on a drive keeps it up and running. Not driving a car for prolonged period of time increases the risks of corrosion and rust and prevents it from staying in a running condition.