Tips for hosting a dinner gathering in less than 6 hours!

         Whether you're arranging arranging a raging party or a small-intimate gathering, you want your guests to have a good time. By making basic preparations and inviting a dynamic group of people, you can ensure your event will be a success. Hosting a good party is about preparation and preparation only. Here are three tips for you to becoming the belle of the ball: 

    Firstly, be familiar with you guests, as in their make-up. Do they prefer non-veg? Spicy food? Healthy food? Oily food? Home-made food? Also, it matters that what professional background they're from. They might like to take longer to talk shop with the wines and starters before serving dinner. The health-conscious guests might want an early dinner, then you need to serve light snacks and dessert. This will help you in being confident that you're guests will have a good time. Its less stress for you as well. 

    Secondly, be wise with the menu. Do not drive yourself crazy with the 8-course meals. Guests these days are quite experimental and are okay with mixing up dishes and serving just three courses. You have to be strategic also - avoid a table laden with dishes that require last-minute prep, exotic ingredients (that necessitate multiple grocery store runs), recipes with long prep times, or items that need lots of time in the oven or fridge. It’s quite okay to have the one crazy centerpiece dish (the highlight!), but don’t drive yourself crazy with many of them! 

   Thirdly, have the right mood. Do not be tired, rest well. Which is the reason you should prep ahead of time. Remember, The party setting starts with you! Be relaxed and cheerful, so what if the cake caves in or the oven-roasted veggies turn soggy? Laugh it off! Do make a playlist - depending on if youre expecting dancers or a laid-back types. Remember - you're guests are happy that they’re getting good food, great conversation, and tasty drinks, made with endearment and not cribbing. 

    A funny note would be to dim the lights (its my personal tip)- everyone looks prettier, sexier, and more mysterious, its good if people want to conversate for hours! Have a blanket for the extra-cosy guests. Make them feel at home.  You have to have the attitude of: Your guests are just a few drinks, and laughs, behind from having a good time! You're incharge! Don't Disappoint!