Throwback to when Yash Chopra commended Sridevi on her professionalism!




Sridevi's untimely death has left the industry and her peers both aghast and dismal. The multifaceted actor (producer, style icon) and wife of producer Boney Kapoor's career spanned over four decades. She was only 54. The reason for such a consistent and celebrated career had to be her dedication and professionalism towards it. 

Those expressive eyes and the mischievous smile sent hearts aquiver and lit up the cinema screens, thus making Sridevi Bollywood's first female superstar.  On the debate about her professionalism, one of our most prominent filmmakers, Yash Chopra had this to say: 

In an excerpt from an old interview, Yash Chopra recounts the time when Sridevi’s father passed away during the filming of Lamhe. The cast and crew were all filming near Manchester when Yash Chopra got the news of her father’s demise. He did not have the courage to tell her this devastating piece of news so the director just asked to go visit him as he was quite critical. Yash Chopra recounts that before she left, he told her that they will wait for her no matter the outcome. He even requested Air India to hold the flight until Sridevi reaches as her departure from London could not be delayed.

Upon reaching, Sridevi got the shock of her life. She told Yash Chopra that she could only come back after 16 days and so the team waited.

On the 17th day when she got back, Yash Chopra asked her if she was mentally and physically ready to perform. Being the thorough professional she was, she said that was what she was here for, to act. She was raring to go! 

The circumstances and schedule were such that the first scene she had to do was a comedy scene with Waheeda Rehman. Chopra again asked her if she would be okay with it and Sridevi readily agreed. This was a  scene where the artist had to improvise. Sridevi aced it.

Her mental state might not have allowed her to be in that comic space but Sridevi knew that her work commitments could never take a back seat and she proceeded to continue with the filming.

She lived by the mantra that acting had to come from the heart and the mind would follow. Beyond some of the best standout portrayls, at its very basic Sridevi’s career had been built on the foundation of an impeccable work ethic and professionalism. It was her that brought in discipline to an industry completely lacking it.