Three Ways to Simplify your Life

        Striving for success in your professional life without neglecting your private life can be tough. Many of us have to refresh from the daily stresses of work. A busy time at work makes for a tired evening at home, while overtime and business trips can cut into the time you spend with your family, your body and soul, or reconnecting with friends. The prime reason why we don’t feel up for other acitivies, hobbies, socializing as such because we are so involved in upping our financial standards, albeit affecting our health. Here are three ways to simplify your life to make it seem simpler:

         Firstly, develop a life’s philosophy. Prior to making any major (or even minor) changes, you need to understand why you’re changing your life’s path. It is obviously to make you happier. You need a prioritization system in place. Work, obviously comes first, as it maintains your standard of life. Then would be family, parents, kids, hobbies, friends etc. Create a routine in a way that can simplify your life, have a support system to help you. Such as grandmas can watch over your kids by the time you get home. Also, you have to eliminate things that don’t fit into your life’s philosophy, like clubbing, drinking and being out for more reasons than others. You have to have your dos and dont’s, the things that you love doing when you aren’t paying your taxes, calling your mom, and fixing the garbage disposal. This is the fun stuff that advance your life philosophy. Everything else? Junk them!

            Secondly, have realistic expectations. Conflict arises in ambiguity. Problems breed in ambiguity. Disappointment lives in ambiguity. Frustration is enriched in ambiguity. If you want to avoid all of those things, set crystal-clear expectations. The result, then, is far more objective (instead of subjective). People are often overly optimistic in that they expect to change more quickly and easily than is reasonable. Again, overweight dieters often begin their diets with high hopes and then, within a few weeks, feel defeated by their slow progress. People that struggle with other addictive behaviours, such as alcohol abuse, smoking also tend to underestimate the effort and time it takes to change their actions. Gradual, time-bound, changes are better for long-term effects. Happiness ensures longevity and confidence in the tasks that you do.

            Thirdly, scale vertically, rather than horizontally.  When people think of growth, they tend to think horizontally, adding as many pieces to the puzzle as possible. But the more pieces you add, especially different types of pieces, the more difficult it becomes to switch your brain from one mode of thinking to the next. Too many different types of projects, or ambitions, or commitments, and you end up spinning your wheels too much. Instead, think depth. Think about diving deep, instead of spreading wide. Less becomes more then!

            Thus, finally, one of the biggest sources of life stress for many is attempting to be what everyone needs, all the time. It's just isn’t worth it. Be you. Focus on you. Do what you need to do, first. Express yourself. Stay true to yourself. And you will attract everything you need in life, naturally, like a magnet, and repel anything else. Strive to grow, rather than stagnating with negative beliefs, putting others down.  The biggest source of happiness happens when you become confident in everything that you do.