Three ways to market your small venture during festivals

                The dusk of the year is upon us. However, December is the month when the most stuff is purchased, around the world. Right from Christmas to New Years, people shop the most because it’s a time when they rush home to their loved ones. Thus they are on the lookout for great bargains and most pre-planners could also be shopping for their entire year ahead. Thus, it’s a great time and season, if you’re a small venture owner, to boost your earnings and name in the market. Here are three tips you can incorporate into your work-plans in order to boost your venture during winters:




                Firstly, prep your calendar. Make sure each holiday or festive season is marked and you have a fortnight reminder ahead of the dates. You want to have plenty of time to create your seasonal content  for each of these holidays, get it online and promote in time for people to take advantage of. Also, if your team is taking off on holidays then you definitely need time to get ready for those special times.   

                Secondly, offer a good bargain (sale/coupons/gifts) etc. The easiest way to make the most of the holidays is with a sale. The only purpose of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays is to have a chance to boost sales by cutting prices. A good bargain remains in the minds of shoppers, more so during the festive times because they need to widen their budgets and thus they become conscious shoppers.

                Thirdly, become more active on social media. The holiday season is when people google the most about various gift ideas. Thus you need to be active on all your usual platforms, preparing your audience for the next holiday and priming them to buy things. Encourage your feedback followers to boost your posts.

                The holiday season is inclusive, regardless which ones you are celebrating. Incorporating a little bit of holiday cheer into your marketing strategies during these months will make you more relatable and memorable to your customers and audience. Take the time and complete the additional work to make sure that you and your team aren’t missing the best opportunity to connect more authentically with customers.