Three ways to manage your child's screen time

Its actually tough these days to completely ban your child's screen time because, according to studies, it does help in their cognitive abilities. However, you can create a healthy balance by monitoring your child's screen time.


Work with your family and here are three tips to manage your screen time: 




Have family guidelines. Most families have a routine for mealtimes and sleeptimes, and the same approach can work for screen time. Thus about an hour daily right before homework.

* Let them earn their screentime: For younger children, ask them to straighten up their room and put their toys away. For teens, make them take out the garbage, or vacuum the living room.

Keep gadgets in a central location: Keep laptops, tablets, and phones in a central location, like the family room. This cuts down on the temptation to use them elsewhere, like the dinner table or in bedrooms and you can monitor them also.