Three Ways to Improve your child's social skills

For our children, developing social skills and interacting with the world around them will be a critical part of their success and happiness, it has a direct impact on their academic achievements and increases their life-expectancy also.  As parents, we want our children to achieve the best in every aspect of life, thus we have to ensure they have the proper social skills. 




Here are three key areas you can help them develop proper social skills from as early as 2 years: 


*  Encourage eye-contact:  When talking to somebody, encourage your children to look into their eyes and talk for effective communication and to build confidence. 


* Teach them emotions:  Let your children imitate a wide range of emotions—joy, anger, disappointment, excitement, mischief, nervousness, tiredness, terror, danger, etc. Play ‘identify the emotion’ game by making faces or holding placards of different smiley. This helps them differentiate emotions and express better; and be aware of themselves when mingling with other kids or people.


* Make them communicate:  Verbal or non-verbal, your children should learn to express, interact, and respond to social stimulus. Help your children learn appropriate greetings and responses. Kids may need help or guidance to interact with others appropriately, to overcome shyness, to manage a response, and express true feelings.