Two Ways to have a positive body image!

We are bombarded every day with images of perfection: perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect children, all held up for inspection via social media or peers.  These images are hard to live up to, so perhaps it isn’t a wonder that charities warn that mental health problems are rising, especially among young people. Raising a daughter, it means a lot to me that she grows up with a positive body image. There shouldn’t be any guys that tells her (be it her cousin, her peer or anybody she comes in contact with) she’s too big or she’s too small. She should decide what she’s ok with – being big or small. It’s because if she is confident in her skin and in her mind, she will radiate that positive aura that will be more attractive than a size-1. Here are two things you can adapt to in order have a good positive image:

Firstly, stop avoiding your body.  Most of us spend decades on just procrastinating about perfecting the myth about the perfect figure. So in order to break this cycle, stop the avoidance! Face up to your body and get to know it – the bumps, the lumps and the areas that your trumps (card)!!  Get accustomed to your body – align your mind with your body. Focus out of the parts that you don’t like or rather workout so you can make them better! Before you know it, you’re in your 30s, and still cribbing about your arms! Stop piling on layers of clothes, clear your mind from the biases.  

Secondly, stop comparing your body to your peers.  One form of “checking” behavior is comparison. This is when you constantly compare your physical attributes to those of other people. It can be challenging to stop negatively comparing yourself to many other women. Try to notice when you compare yourself to others and make a note of when you compare. Are you making realistic comparisons? Do you have an hourglass figure and are you comparing yourself to a size-1 woman? You have to take into account your descent, your genetic makeup and you’re eating habits also. Thus you Full-figured mamacitas from Spain – ya can’t be like them lanky chinkies – there’s a reason they’re on dating sites (Tinder and all) more than you, ladies! (statistically!) Embrace yourself!  Also, if you feel you’re too meaty – then tone your body in a way that you look and feel fit!

 Finally, look at yourself from the entirety.  Having a negative body image is like having a critic in your head. The critic is a harsh, derogatory narrative that makes jack-nasty comments about you. For example, “I look awful in this outfit” or “I can’t believe how fat I am”.  The critic makes you feel awful, because you believe it. Because you feel terrible about yourself, you look for ways to feel better. You may eat something, which gives momentary pleasure, but minutes later the critic is back to comment on how much of a pig you are for eating. Eat mindfully, exercise daily and think positive.