Three ways to enhance diet in your thin children

Despite the focus on the growing number of overweight children, there are also many kids that would actually benefit from putting on additional weight. The solution isn't as simple as letting underweight kids indulge in their junk food fantasies, though. Instead, a mixture of changing eating behaviors, choosing nutritious high-calorie foods, and infusing extra calories into meals is best approach to increasing weight in children. Thus if you're a parent of undeweight "skinny" children, here are three ways you can help them gain weight: 



*Undercurrent Issues: If youre child isnt gaining the appropriate weidht then it could either be a hormonal, metabolic (diabetes or thyroid) or gastrointestinal problem. 

* Eating patterns: you need to feed underweight children more often. Children may need to eat five or six smaller meals, along with snacks, each day. Whenever an underweight child feels hungry, feed him or her. 

* Skip unhealthy food: Calorie-rich but nutrient-poor foods, such as sugary drinks, aren't the answer to healthy weight gain. Foods that are rich in calories and nutrients are the best foods, because they help  in weight gain and provide essential vitamins. These foods are carbohydrates (pastas, breads, cereals); fruits and vegetables; proteins (meat, fish, eggs, beans); and dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.). Hand them a cheese sandwich instead of a muffin!