Three unique lehenga combinations for this wedding season!

The toughest task and yet the most exciting one for a bride is to create her wedding trousseau! 

Since many brides these days are becoming experimental and deviating from tradition wrt the style, cuts, materials and colours, its become quite a feast for the eyes to watch their garbs. 

Thus, for this wedding season, here are three unique colour combinations to try for your wedding trousseau: 


* Peach and Black: This colour combination dates back to the rajwaras and the royals, specially in velvettes and georgettes with heavy embroidery and boota work. The colours aren't contrasting but complementing each other. Thus pleasing to the eye and it isn't too distracting. 





* Faun and Royal Blue: The bold blue and the pastel faun are fun colors rather than saturated ones. They are quite classy and perfect if you want to be a subdued bride rather than a bositerous one. They work perfectly with velvettes, banarasees and georgettes. 



* Mint Blue and Silver: This is great for a morning ceremony as it will blend in with the bright sunlight rather than pop out like an odd object. This combination is also perfect for a soft, romantic look at your wedding.