Three Tips to Maintain Hygiene during Pregnancy


Carrying a child is the most "out of body" (such an irony!) period of a woman's life. Your body weathers a thousand changes in order to give birth. Personal cleanliness and hygiene is a mantra you should follow very religiously, especially during pregnancy. Any infection you might endure might effect your baby directly in the womb. 


Since prevention is better than cure, here are three tips for personal hygiene during pregnancy: 




* Skincare/Haircare: Use natural bath products such as soaps and shampoos. Shower instead of soaking in bathtubs for long.


 * Toothcare: Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day.  Floss regularly to prevent buildup of plaque.


* Clothing: Always wear cotton undergarments that fit you snugly and change them more often than you would normally. Choose a well-fitting maternity bra with pads to absorb any possible colostrum leakage from the nipples.