Three Tips for Storing Breastmilk

Thank God for inventions, mums! Specially mums on the run! The breast-pump for us is like the pumpkin was for Cinderalla! We don't feel immobile and stagnant anymore, right?


Just pump and off you are to run other tasks. However, there are three important health concerns you must account for storing breast-milk. 


With these three tips in mind, you can feel better about being away from your baby: 


* Timely sanitize bottles and pumping equipment:  To decrease exposure to bacteria, thoroughly wash all bottles and any part of the breast pump that comes in contact with your breasts or the milk in hot, soapy water after each time. 



Use Proper Storage Containers:  Store pumped breast milk in glass, steel or plastic bottles, or use specific breast milk storage bags to avoid spoilage. 






* Store at Right Temperatures: You can keep breast-milk refrigerated at 39 degrees or below for up to 72 hours. Frozen breast milk kept at 24 degrees or colder can be left up to six months