Three Tips for a Newborns hygiene

A big task while taking care of a newborn is bathing them and maintaining their hygiene as their quite prone to infections. 


Here are three tips on their hygiene that might make it seem less horrendous: 


*Baby's Ears:  The best way to keep your baby’s ears clean is to wipe the outer ear with a wet cloth after a bath. Never use cotton buds/ear buds/ oil. 




* Baby's Nose: Never use your hands or cloth materials. Only use paediatric nasal drops.  Put a drop on each nostril. Wait for some time, when the solution conjours up the hard mucous, use cotton buds to extract the filth. 




* Baby's Private Area:  For baby girls - always swipe (gently) from front to back, as this reduces chance of infection. For baby boys - don't extend the foreskin of your baby boy’s penis higher up while cleaning because the foreskin’s meant to protect your baby’s penis. Even after cleaning with wipes, if you are using them, make sure you clean the area with lukewarm water too.