Three Super-foods to eat during your pregnancy

A healthy diet is a must at any point in your life, however it becomes allthemore crucial when you're expecting because you have another human being to take care of. A healthy diet will give your baby a great head-start in their life. 


Here are three super-foods you can include in your diet: 


1. Lentils: A great source of Iron. Iron is crucial, affecting the production of brain chemicals and the formation of myelin, which is vital for brain development. 




2. Spinach: Great source of folate. Your baby requires the naturally occurring folate in spinach for the production of new DNA and to regulate cell metabolism (on top of your folic acid supplement). Its antioxidants also protect the baby’s brain tissue from shocks in the womb. 




3. Eggs: Great source of Choline. Eggs are a great source of protein and iron, which are both vital for brain development. They gain superfood status for their high levels of choline, which is essential in developing memory and a life-long ability to learn.