Three Stylistas that bedazzled at the Filmfare and Glamour Awards last night!


The big names of Bollywood arrived on the red carpet of Filmfare Style and Glamour Awards last night.


With all A-listers present under the same roof the fashion critics expected celebs to arrive in their glittering best. They upped the ante this year as they experimented with confidence and much elan! 


Here are three ladies that didn't disappoint: 


* Katrina Kaif: She set the tone of the event in a Jean-Paul Gautier gown with a thigh-high slit and a bandana to give the black outfit some jazz and spunk! 



* Deepika Padukone in a red, fit and flow, gown. Red is the color for the season and she was really pleasing to the eye! It accentuated her curves and the pleats further gave her the infinity factor. 


* Kareena Kapoor : She also gave ode to the season, appearing none less than those enticing ice maidens. She wore an ivory, lace, full sleeves dress. The material gave her a very breezy vibe and the break between top and skirt also accentuated her shapely waist.