Three Style Tips for a Office Holiday Party

There are plenty of things to stress over this time of year: getting all your work done before the holidays, what to gift the collegue or the boss you want to gift, whether  you should say yes to taking home another chocolate box that your client sent over. These are secondary to whats actually causing you anxiety this season, which is figuring out what to wear to the company's holiday party. 


Here are three style tips that wont cost you much, yet you can re-work your look to be up-to the mark: 


* Bring out your blazers: The black suit that you once purchased for a seminar or a presentation, you can take the jacket from it and re-work your look. Either pair with red pants (red is the colour of the season, also), or a striped shirt or leather pants! 





* Bring on the shimmer - surely, you don't have to match the christmas tree (the centrepiece at the party). However, shimmer does make you feel festive. Wear it with either a black, white or tanned full shirt or a striped one with strappy sandals.  




* Work the single colour look - Since you're probably seen at work in the usual colours (black, white, blue, beige), this is the time to bring out your personality and liven up the environment at work. Work the single tone look (but with bright colours), from the hair to the dress, to the shoes, to the clutch, to the jewelery.