Three Stunning Mandap Ideas for your Spring Wedding!

Earlier if you would tell your family that you want your wedding mandap to be fancy they would say “What? Why? What is the need? You just need to get married there then why to spend money on the mandap?”

However, thanks to Bollywood and its depiction of elaborate weddings a lot and people aren't just getting attuned to these but are also opting for mandaps that are decorative as well as attractive.

Mandaps form the focul point of the wedding. Its where the vows are taken and wedding is solemnized. Thus its absolutely apt to decorate them with much appeal and attractiveness. 

 Here are three Mandap ideas for you to incorporate in your wedding so that it becomes truly unique and memorable: 

* The Canope Mandap: This type of mandap exudes the essence of romance with its profusion of roses. Thousands of blooms (in vibrant colours) brighten the majestic canopy and arranged around the silver mirrored pillars and festooned from the ceiling alongside dangling streamers, garlands and ‘latkans’ make it as festive as your home during Diwali. 

* The floating Mandap: A mandap set against a gorgeous sunset provides a picture-perfect frame in any setting. This mandap set on a platform over a water-body and accompanied by an aisle constructed on the very water-body makes it very fluid, flowing and calming sort of a wedding. Water has a calming effect and its apt for all the chaos and hype around weddings surely. 


* The Majestic Forest: Swirling twigs prop up a magnificent profusion of white and pink roses, hydrangeas, orchids and rajnigandha blooms. This forest-themed mandap pairs perfectly with the coral drapes and pink accents. It gives it a very earthy, rustic and down-to-earth feel.