Three Signs you have too many toxins in your body

Do you have mood swings, irritable bowels, can't sleep or severe migraines?  We have news for you: these little symptoms that most of us don’t pay attention to could be pointing to a health indicator in your life. Namely, the toxins you don’t know you’re absorbing. Toxins can be from many objects such as toothpaste, skincare products, unpurified water and deodrants. 




Thus, here are three causes of toxins in your body: 


* weight fluctuations: Our natural hormone functions can be greatly affected by the toxins in our foods and personal care products. Try a complete detox of your diet and personal care routine to give your weight loss efforts a good chance. 


* constipation: If you’re overworking your intestines with toxins, they can't quite function like you’d like, backing up and storing all those toxins. 


* skin reactions: An overdose of toxins in your body can cause various skin conditions such as acne, rashes, puffy eyes, eczema or psoriasis can be red flags, too.