Three signs to know when you need to 'Let him Go'

New Delhi: Relationships can be tricky at times.

Lasting relationships demand time and commitment.  They require nourishment just like plants need sunlight.

However, if neglected for long, they can turn sour and leave sad memories behind.

There comes a time when one has to choose between staying in the relationship or leaving.

So here are three signs that will tell you when you should say goodbye:

To be or not to be?

When staying becomes more painful than leaving, it’s a sign for you to leave.



Memories form an essential part of any relation. Good or bad, they play an important part in defining who we are and how powerful our bonds are. When sad memories become more prominent than the happy ones, it’s a sign for you to reconsider your relationship.



Everyone fights. Sometimes fights help in bringing two people closer, other times they tear people apart. When you fight with other than fight for each other, it might be the time for you to say goodbye.

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