Three Signs of an Ankle Sprain


Healthy legs are extremely essential in order for you to be mobile as you need to carry on with your daily tasks. Ankle Sprains happen very quickly and if go undetected can lead to major ruptures. Ankle sprains are classified into three categories. They are: 




With a first-degree ankle sprain you may notice: 


  • Some stretching or perhaps tearing may have occurred

  • Minor loss of function

  • Mild pain, little bruising

  • Little or no swelling

  • Some joint stiffness or difficulty walking


Signs of a second-degree ankle sprain:


  • Difficulty walking

  • Moderate to severe pain

  • Swelling and tenderness in the ankle joint

  • Bruising may start after 3 to 4 days


The third-degree ankle sprain is the most serious:

  • Total rupture of a ligament

  • Walking may not be possible

  • Severe pain (unable to stand)