Three Side Effects of Tampons

When its the time of the month, ladies, our bodies get into this alarm mode! We tend to eat more, get dizzy, irritable! Although sanitary pads seemed the best solution, then tampons came along! It seems like a better solution because it was small, compact and was inside your body, thus preventing leakages and spotting. However, there are three side effects you must know about them. 



Here are key side effects of tampons: 


* It has to be inserted properly: Insert it so that only 2/3 of it is in your body. It has to rest just above your cervix area or may cause you discomfort. Wash thoroughly after discarding them. 


* Vagina becomes dried out - Tampons are made primarily from cotton and rayon which are two of the most naturally absorbent fibers. 


* Your Body's pH Balance and bacteria might change: Yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms help keep the vaginal ecosystem healthy. The correct pH levels (the vagina's acidity levels) discourage the growth of harmful bacteria allowing it to essentially clean itself.