Three reasons, why Hindu women are not allowed at funeral procession

ew Delhi:  Cremation is an extremely important ritual, once the mortal life ends.

In Hindu religion, women are usually kept away funeral procession and it is widely believed that the religion doesn’t allow them to be a part of it.

In Mahabharata all the women from Kauravas and Pandavas side were present to pay their last respect at Bhishma’s funeral pyre.

Thus, facts state that the Hindu ritual doesn't ban girls from visiting the funeral site.

Women can visit the place if they want.

These three reasons ban them from attending the procession:

According to public forum Quora, women were left behind to take care of kids and house.

It is believed that women are weak at hearts and cannot bear to see a burning pyre. Hence, they were advised to stay away.

Another reason states that women are soft targets of evil spirits who reside at samshan Ghat. These evils can easily get their control , thus keeping them away is preferred.