Three International Artists that need to contribute to Bollywood music!

There is no shortage of good music and there is no dearth of tunes and lyrics that can be incorporated into your own culture.

It isn’t just the music, but its composition that makes it truly universal. The voice is authentic but the music transcends boundaries.

Bollywood music has seen various winds of change and has also remained quite mainstream also, else it wouldn’t be popular. Its full of these independent artists, very western-influenced, Singers and Electronic musicians, all vying for those big bucks.

According to me, here are three artists, from the International music scene, that can contribute greatly to World Music:

Mexico: Carlos Santana in the sixties pioneered an innovative fusion of rock, fiery Afro-Latin polyrhythms, and contrasting cool, low-key vocals. In time, he also mixed in kjazz-rock to bring in that “smokey” edge into his vocals. So, it became world music. The swaying of back-and-forth of these latin-originated tunes made it truly mystical and spiritual.

He could collaborate on these franchise-based movies that’s got a lot of stars. Because all of their songs require a lot co-ordinated dancing and a lot of energetic moves, these latin tunes are great fordancing.

Barbados: Rihanna has become a pioneer in making dancehall music world-famous. After rising to fame as a Roc-a-Fella signee, she used her third album, 2007’s Good Girl Gone Bad, to flip the staid dancehall-meets-pop sound of her first LP’s and introduce the world to a sexy, edgy sound. Edge is great for Bollywood music. It immediately gets you the notice of a worldwide fan-base.

Her music can be incorporated in a formidable character like Vidya Balan whose crusading for women’s rights or a hippe-at-heart Katrina that is justifying her life. Her voice is great for women-based movies that call for assertive, assured and undeniably strong women.

Colombia: Shakira! If you can look BEYOND her hips and the way they “jive”, she has become famous for “mainstreaming” latin music, all over the world. Her high-octane and feverous voice boasts an impudence that makes you want to be a “woman of the world”, rather, than judgemental and local in your views.  Her lyrics, full of flounce and froth, give it a universal quality cuz it can be heard in repeat mode.

Her music can be incorporated in making item songs. With Jacquelin Fernandez and Katrina Kaif making belly-dancing a surefire fad in movies, her songs will surely become famous numbers.