Three Important Life-Skills your child needs before the age of 5!

As you see your children grow, you realize that with age they learn a bunch of verbal, non-verbal, analytical, rational, literary, and mathematical skills. 

While you beam with pride in their smallest feats, their academic or sporting accomplishments, there are aspects which go  beyond that. 

Nevertheless, there are certain aspects or as we call them, ‘life skills’ that they need to learn in order to grow into  responsible human beings. They can be equipped with them just about from the tender age of 5. 

Teaching your child life skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency— it also allows him to feel empowered, works on socialization and reasoning, and helps develop healthy self-esteem.

Here are three key life-skills that you can teach them:  

1. Caring for siblings and friends: Children, in general, are quite overprotective about attention, and desirous when it comes to their possession. So, they are hardly able to understand the concept of caring. Feeding their little siblings is also a very good start.

2. Everyday Life Skills: When children grow up and join pre-school or spend extended stays outside their homes, they should be able to manage trivial things in their daily life on their own. These skills include tying their shoelaces, handling cutlery, eating on their own, cleaning themselves properly after a washroom visit, etc. It will help foster a positive self-image and confidence in them. 

3. Going to the washroom on their own: Most parents start to toilet-train their child between the age of two and three. By the time they turn 5, they should be able to follow washroom hygiene on their own. This includes managing to pull their bottoms or underpants down, cleaning themselves, flushing, and washing their hands after using the toilet.