Three Hot Jewelery Trends for 2017 Wedding Season


We are at a time when women aren't afraid to experiment and be liberated. Although we are all secretly wishing for our Cinderella moments during our wedding, we also want to diverge from tradition and embrace concurrent styles of dressing up. 


Here are three hot trends for Bridal jewelery in 2017: 


* Crown style maang tikkas: An amazing way to truly feel like a queen on your wedding! These types of tikkas encircle your head and thus enumerating your radiance factor, which is supposed to be a 11/10 for your wedding! 






* Double-down Necklaces: Great if you want uniformity and harmony in your attire, also you can purchase it all at one place. Usually the double-down necklaces display two different designs so you can have a bit of variance also. Their just right for the amount of jewellery you are supposed to wear in order to look like a true bride. 







* Chandelier Earrings:  The imagery of a chandelier is associated with opulence and luminosity, precisely the theme and purpose of weddings. Thus you don't just match with your theme but you also  set ablaze an ornament which usually is eclipsed by those heavy necklaces.