Three Health Benefits of Vodka

 You know what rhymes with Friday? Vodka! (Jokes!) Vodka is one of the most popular alcohols around, especially in Eastern Europe. Even in the Western world, a startling number of drinks are made from vodka. The mild flavor of vodka makes it perfect for creating amazing concoctions  with all sorts of ingredients. But did you know that the alcohol also offers a wide range of health benefits?



Here are a few of the many awesome health benefits of vodka:

  1. Combats Stress — Vodka works to decrease stress more efficiently than red wine, beer, and various types of alcohol, helping you to be calm when your nerves are all frazzled.

  2. Improves Sleep –– Not only will vodka help you to relax, but it can also help you get to sleep more quickly. Vodka has sleep-inducing properties that will make you feel drowsy after a shot or two, and it will calm your brain. For insomniacs, it may be worth having a shot of vodka before you hit the sack!

  3. Reduces Aches and Soreness —  All alcohols have pain-relieving properties, but vodka in particular can help to reduce pain from a headache, hangover, or even a common cold. Many herbal remedies include vodka, using it to make herbal tinctures that can be applied topically to any sores, aches, and pains.