Three Health Benefits of Vanilla Oil

Aromatherapy at its core is still and always will be about the scents that we love, and dont we love those vanilla-scented candles or body spray still somewhere around their house? Vanilla fragrances are typically artificial, and natural options have been restricted to extracts. Excitedly, we are moving closer and closer to a vanilla essential oil that we can use in our everyday aromatherapy applications.




Here are three health benefits of vanilla oil: 

* Antioxidant Properties: The antioxidant properties implicates antioxidants in everything from mucosal healing to cancer battling to skin rejeuvanation. 

* Antibacterial: It is known to inhibit dangerous bacteria without risking our health. Its an invaluable benefit, for sure! 

* Antidepressant: Essential oils are often used for their uplifting, antidepressant abilities thanks to their simple applications and quick responses.