Three Health Benefits of Barley for your infants

When you introduce solid foods to your child, you want to give them exemplary nutrients which have to be replaced with breastmilk/formula milk. Barley can be introduced from an early age of 7 months.


But, one of the issues with barley is that it contains gluten which can increase the risk of developing celiac disease, a condition characterized by the immune system infiltrating its own body.


So, for this reason, barley shouldn’t be the first food to be introduced to your baby. You should give barley only after introducing other safer cereals.




However, here are three health benefits of barley:  


* Has good amounts of dietary fiber: Barley is rich in dietary fiber in it which makes it a great cereal for babies. The dietary fiber helps in  bowel movement and keeps your baby healthier and stronger from the inside. The healthier the gut, the healthier the baby!


* Helps in strengthening bones: Barley has high amounts of phosphorus and copper. Phosphorus is the second element that makes up our bones apart from calcium. Thus, for  healthy bones, you need both calcium and phosphorus.


* Rich in potassium: Barley is also rich in potassium. Potassium acts as an electrolyte. One of the concerns with potassium is that most of our diet has more of sodium and less of potassium, which should be the exact opposite. The result of high sodium and less potassium is evident from the fact that many adults today either have high risk of hypertension or are already suffering from hypertension.