Three Game Changers the new millenium truly needed!

There was a time when you couldn't enter Bollywood if you weren't a Kapoor, Khan or an established name. Your family basically ruled the roost and you defined the perception of a star. All that has changed today, and thankfully will continue to do so!  

In the millenium, its more cooler to be yourself. But the perception of a Bollywood star has changed over time. Today, nobody needs a fancy filmy surname anymore. 

Millenials are more focused on individualism. Ah, Millennials, the generation du jour that's the butt of everyone's jokes, have become seriously into their own lives. In a world that was designed by the previous generations to endlessly produce, to grow, to be bigger, and to operate "en masse", millennials are discovering that the things they value are actually unique, sustainable, and exclusive - they increasingly don't 'do' average. In this strive for perfection, achieving the best and becoming the best healthy and wise version of themselves, they have embraced being different because they've created success on their own basis. The unsung heroes are the ones we can relate to the most!! 

Similarly for Bollywood, here are three names that have created a stir in our thought processes and we have become a more reformed generation because of them: 



* Ranveer Singh: We Indians feel strange if we are pulled out of our comfort zone and our set order is disturbed. So naturally when Ranveer Singh, an agent of of chaos, burst onto the Bollywood scene with YRF's Band Baaja Baaraat , our immediate instinct took over and refused to accept him as the next big thing in the Indian film industry. This is because, aren't Bollywood Heroes supposed to be buff, tanned, perfect features, drowzy eyes and the passion of an Adonis! So what was Aditya Chopra (the most sought after producers of Bollywood) thinking when he caste an outsider with "Tapori" looks?? His confidence! Aditya Chopra allowed Ranveer's confidence and gist in the movie do the talking and silence the critics. With Band Baja Baaraat , Aditya Chopra had given Bollywood a star. Ranveer Singh the actor had arrived. He just is on a natural high on life, there isn't any denying the fact that his energy is infectious and that very factor translates into the unimaginable talent in each of his roles on screen. In fact, it is his dedciation and liveliness on celluloid which is the best ROI. 



* Zoya Akhtar: Zoya Akhtar, one of the most progressive filmmakers in Hindi cinema, is known for her fresh concepts and films that are far from the run-of-the-mill. Her ensemble star-cast will ensure you wholesome entertainment. Infused with beautiful backdrops of scenic, foreign locales and bohemian values, definitely has given us different persepectives to analyze and incorporate into our own lives. Most importantly, the dialogues in her movies are such a mirror of her understanding of millenials - the way her characters interact and respond to situations is devoid of unnecessary drama.  They make her movies relevant and her concepts attract viewers from every generation because the older generation is striving to understand and relate to the millenials and the next generation is striving to learn, yet diverge into their own from them.



* Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir's film selections have been strikingly different, and as a result he has become the first choice for different and new scripts. Unlike his forefathers, that relied on typical cinema with light plotlines and playful dialogues, Ranbir has decided to experiment. Any director who wants to experiment while telling a story will consider casting Ranbir first and foremost because he will understand the demands of the script. This is because, Ranbir has become the sounding board for good content because of his understanding of the demands of the millenials. Be it a Rockstar or a Yeh Jawani Hay Deewani. Superstardom takes a lot of time and films. Ranbir has achieved in purely because of his instincts and understanding of good cinema.