Three Effective Ways to Communicate

You may have the best vocabularies in your social circles, have the best dictates, the appropriate grammar while speaking, however, when it happens to expressing yourself effectively, you seem to be at a loss for words.  To successfully convey or shares ideas and feelings, you need to observe the mistakes you are making. Often you might be super-confident in your dialect, however might not realize that others aren’t as good, thus you might be hurting them. A lack of understanding can lead to ineffective communication and a lot of misunderstandings, thus leading to further conflict in your interpersonal relationships. Here are three ways you can improve your communication skills so that you can boost efficiency and effectiveness in the tasks that you do:


            Firstly, listen to understand. People will only trust you when they realize that they are being heard. Their viewpoint is being considered, analysed and valued by you. Upon listening to them, ask for clarifications to avoid misunderstandings. At that moment, the person speaking to you must be the most important person in your life. They will only feel good with you when you have understood their side of the story. Also, have one conversation at a time. Such as if you’re on the phone, then don’t reply to an impending mail. It’s because your focus and concentration will make you

            Secondly, watch your actions. You can’t be taken seriously if you’re listening with your arms crossed, you’re listening but haven’t gazed above your phone/i-pad/various gadgets. Our verbal and non-verbal cues reveal more than we feel they do. Whether it’s how you make eye contact, how your verbal and non-verbal cues are also being watched on. Don’t forget that you’re constantly communicating even when you aren’t saying a word. One strange way is to tap into your body, be more welcoming. It’s extremely important to learn about others behaviors so you can respond appropriately.

            Thirdly, don’t talk over people. This demonstrates a real lack of respect. By talking over the other person you’re basically saying, “I don’t care what you’re saying – however what I have to say is more important.” You’re basically disempowering them by taking charge of the conversation. More-so, you are losing their trust in you, thus you aren’t able to establish a truly valuable relationship which is a two-way street. So bite your tongue!

            Thus, it’s extremely essential that verbal communication is to be brief yet specific, it should be sufficient enough so that you provide enough information for the listener to gage your point. Craft your dialogues, with enough revision, you won’t  ramble, or give away too much information. Thus, the best communicators adjust how they talk based on whom they’re speaking to, you’d probably use a different style of communication with co-workers or your boss compared to when you’re speaking with your significant other, kids, or elders. Always try to keep the other person’s perspective in mind when you try to get your message across. Communication