Three Common Digestive Problems in Infants

With a newborn at home, your entire life revolves around them. In the first three months, newborns double their weight and to reach this milestone, parents must be careful in taking care of their digestive health.  This is because an efficient digestive system leads to proper weight gain and also an efficient respiratory system. 




Thus, here are three common digestive problems in infants we must be aware about: 

* Reflux:  Reflux in babies is one of the most common digestive problems, it leads to slow weight gain, recurrent hiccups and breathing problems. 

* Diarrhea: Rotavirus is the biggest culprit in most infant diarrhea cases. Most cases of rotavirus-induced diarrhea occur during winter months and accompany respiratory problems. 

* Constipation:  Constipation is a common problem among infants. But it can be uncomfortable for your little one. Most cases of constipation become worse once babies start on solid foods.