Three Bun Styles for the Wedding Season 2017



                  Ok ladies, life isn't perfect, but your hair can be! 


Tis the season for celebration and so here are three ways you can wear the quintessential bun in three unique ways and accesorize them so that they enumerate your outfit and your festive mood! 


* Firstly - the Bohemian style bun. Its a lose bun with flowy curls in the bottom. You can accesorize it with ethnic as well as shimmery ornaments. The Boho style gives your outfit a very fusion-y twist. 




* The Braided bub - Braids give volume to your hair and the bun is good way to bring all that volume together. You can accesorise your bun with flowers that match your outfit. 




* The Side Bun - The Side Bun is also a varied style to have. The curls in the end can also accentuate your bun. It can also give way to highlight your jewellery.