Three Best Magazine Covers of Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor, as he has often confessed, is actually quite shy. He is also extremely coy about what he divulges in public about his personal life. It would seem so uncharacteristic like for him since he hails from such a famous film family. 

He's quite curbed about what he speaks too, as if he wants you to listen yet he wants you to observe him rather than hear him. His casual nonchalance helps him get away with alot of tabloid news and his onscreen roles enhances his body of work and our appreciation for him. Creates quite a balance (in his image), you see. Thus Ranbir should only be seen rather than be heard. His intense focus towards his work has what has led him to his unpredicted success and his consistency. 

Here are three of his best magazine covers where we can learn alot just by observing him (he's eye candy, so it doesn't bother us anyway!)

* Vogue October 2011: Just observe him, so confident and he's with a world renowned supermodel. She could overpower him yet he's the one that's got your attention. Why you ask? Its cuz he's behind her, her anchor, her saviour, her protector and so he's the first person we focus on. 


* Filmfare June 2010. Cool, calm and confident about the course of his career. His first serious role had happened in Raajneeti and it made him more versatile as an actor.  Having explored comedy (Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani), drama (Saawariya) and parallel cinema (Wake Up Sid!), he reached another feat in his career. An ensemble cast yet he held his own. The red pants and the slippers are super signs of confidence in himself. 


* MW June 2015: Ten years in the industry, nine filmfare nominations (in the best actor category), four wins. That's a nomination per year. Can't question his focus, people. Screw all them tabloids! He spoke about his success, his misses and his reasons for choosing a script - it has to entice him. It has to be different, he's isnt in it for the cookie-cutter roles that his father portrayed time and again with his movies. He's here to experiment and gain our confidence by doing so. Point noted.