Three best formula milks for your child

Are you a new mom in search for formula milk? Since supermarkets contain a wide array of baby formulas, it is best to educate yourself prior to making a purchase. It all depends on your child's dietary needs, thus you must first consult your pediac. 



Here are three best formulas for your child: 

* Cow-milk based formula: Most of the baby formulas have cow milk as its main ingredient. The manufacturers alter the protein of the milk to make it easier for children to digest.

* Soy based formula: In soy-based formulas, the brand modifies the plant protein to help in digestion. The doctor will recommend soy-based formulas if you are a vegan, or your child isn't digesting the formula.

* Lactose-intolerance formula: Lactose intolerance, commonly put as the inability to digest lactose, is a rare condition for kids. But if detected, the pediatrician will recommend a formula that has corn syrup instead of lactose.