Three Best Foods for new moms

Delivering a child can be quite draining on your mind and body. Albeit. losing those pregnancy pounds might be you're first priority after delivering your child. But there’s something that's  more important for your body after your child arrives: eating foods that give you the energy to be able to cope up with motherhood. 

Thus, here are three foods that will give you the energy to keep up with your child: 

* Leafy Green Vegetables:  Leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc., are storehouses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. They are the best diet for breastfeeding mother, which are important for a baby’s growth. These low calorie vegetables are also an excellent source of calcium and healthy antioxidants, important for both you and your baby.





* Eggs:  Eggs are a perfect source of meeting your body’s regular protein requirement. They are also a vital dietary source of Vitamin D. These together help in the development, growth and strengthening of your infant’s bones and muscles and hence are a must in the diet of a new mom.




* Lean Meats: Lean meats from fish and chicken are rich in vital nutrients. They help to provide DHA and essential fatty acids to you and help in developing, your baby’s nervous system and boosts overall growth.