Three Best Apps for Blood Pressure


According to several studeis, 28 percent of people have high blood pressure from their 20s itself, and don’t know it. Monitoring blood pressure has never been easier, thanks to new apps designed for that specific purpose. With one in three adults worldwide diagnosed with high blood pressure (according to the World Health Organization), tracking blood pressure is critically important to help prevent heart attack and stroke. 



Here are three health apps to monitor your blood pressure: 

Blood Pressure Monitor - Family: "This app really makes keeping track of your health so much easier. It has reminders and built in tracking of several health related areas which I absolutely love. It’s well designed and very, very user friendly. The best features are the ways you can customize the different features to your liking. Highly recommended!" 


iBP Blood Pressure: "Does what it's supposed to. It is an accurate way to measure blood pressure. I was initially skeptical trusting an app for something like this, but it hasn't failed me yet. There are lots of different graphs and things to track your blood pressure throughout the week or month too. It's very easy to keep track. I haven't seen any app so far that is better at taking blood pressure than iBP."

Qardio:  is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to track your blood pressure, but also your weight and electrocardiogram. Qardio requires the use of a CardioArm to work.