Three Benefits of teaching kids sign language

We eagerly wait for our toddlers to utter that first word so that we can begin communicating with them! However, you can start the communication much before they begin to speak (as early as 6 months). Its via sign language. Teaching sign language to babies is a  great way to boost their communication skills before they are able to communicate through speech. As per studies,  sign language is supremely valuable during those first years of life. 




Here are three big benefits of teaching sign language to your children: 


1. Improves spelling - children that learn the basic sign language skills  of signing the alphabet can have improved spelling skills. It helps children remember words quicker also, thus improving school grades. 


2. Improves classroom behaviors – Some teachers who have incorporated sign language into their hearing classrooms are finding that they have better classroom management. Using signs for things such as toilet and question can reduce interruptions and help keep students on track during lessons.


3. Improves small motor skills – Sign language helps to develop small motor skills because of the dexterity required for communicating with hand gestures. Those that struggle with small muscle strength and coordination can build these skills as well as learn to communicate more efficiently with another language.