Three Benefits of Pilates


Pilates works at your core (aka "powerhouse"), quite a problematic area for women, specially after child-birth. This type of exercise is a miracle-worker and can get your pre-baby tummy back!




There are also three crucial health benefits of it: 


* Greater Flexibility: Pilates program into your workout routine will greatly improve flexibility and help your body achieve its maximum potential. 


* Increased Strength: While most exercise programs involve strengthening some aspect of the body, one of most significant benefits of Pilates is that it works to strengthen muscles we need for either regular daily tasks or to run a marathon. 


* Better Sense of Balance: In your day-to-day activities, it’s likely you do many things that can disrupt with the proper alignment of your spine (e.g., carrying a heavy briefcase or purse, picking up the kids). Eventually, this can impact your balance and weaken your core. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core, which is essential for good balance.