Three Apps that help you focus on your tasks

As time passes, we're becoming busier and busier and thus becoming more mindful, stressed and unorganized. Here are three apps that you can download on your mobiles to help you focus better at your tasks, because the more productive you are, the less stressed you are. 


Here are three of them: 


* Forest:  The premise? Every time you want to focus, you pop into the mobile app to plant a (virtual) tree. The tree only grows if you can stop yourself from exiting the app within a predetermined [by you] time frame. Stay focused, you grow a tree. The tree gets added to your grove and the grove eventually expands into a forest. Get distracted and your tree expires. Its like the tamagochi of the millenium! 





* Hocus Focus: The main aim of the app is: Clutter creates distractions so Hocus Focus offers a simple solution. The tool will determine which windows have been inactive for period of time and automatically hide them – thus only containing the apps are actually active. 



* Balanced:  Balanced was created to help you track the things you wish you did more often and motivate you to keep doing them. Through the use of iconography and simple charts that help you track your progress and work towards creating habits that make you healthier and happier. Great for reducing mindfulness!