Three Adaptogens to help you with stress

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that are marketed as helping the body hold out against many stressors - whether biological or environmental.  These herbs been availed for centuries in Far-East and Ayurvedic healing traditions, but they’re having a renaissance today. Some, like holy basil, can be eaten as part of a meal, and some are consumed as supplements or brewed into teas.

Advocates of adaptogens believe that these herbs may do for your adrenal glands what exercise does for your muscles. “When we exercise, it’s a stress on our body. But as we continue to train and exercise, our body becomes better at combatting with the stress of it, so we no longer get as tired or as high a heart rate,” she says. Similarly, when you take adaptogens, you’re training your body to handle the effects of stress. 

Here are three prime adaptogens and their health benefits in your daily life: 

* Basil: Also called Tulsi in India, its prime benefit it that it helps combat ageing. Also it can treat a large number of conditions, such as infections, skin diseases, hepatic disorders, common cold and cough. 


* Licorice Root: It helps regulate hormones related to stress, specially cortisol. 


* Cordycep Mushrooms: Cordycep, reishi, shiitake and maitake mushrooms are fungi with antioxidant properties. That means nutrition-rich mushrooms have all the benefits of antioxidant foods. They help in anti-tumor and immune-enhancing properties.