This tiny disc can store 360TB of data for 13.8 billion years

New Delhi: Today’s massive amount of data has prompted the researchers to venture deeper into the field of data storage technologies and develop new and more efficient means of storing data for a longer duration of time.

Overcoming the hurdles possessed by the present day technology, the researchers from the University of South Hamptons have designed a five-dimensional data disc that is cable of storing 360 terabytes of data for 13.8 billion years.

The disc that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius is designed using a technology called femtosecond laser writing, which generates short and intense pulses of light using an ultrafast laser.

The disc is called 5D because apart from the three dimensions for the position of dots on each layer, size and orientation of the dots too play an important part.

The 5D data disc virtually opens a new era in the field of data archiving and could be of great help to institution like libraries and museums that deal with data archiving.

The researchers are now looking for companies that could help in bringing this technology to the market.

News24 Bureau