This state will also fine you for drinking in car..find out

New Delhi: After Delhi's crackdown of drinking alcohol in a public area or just while sitting in car, other states have started implementing the same rule as well.

Now, Haryana government's turn to slap hefty fines on those fond of turning their cars into bars.

On Tuesday, the Haryana government  notified rules under the Punjab Excise Act, which provides for severe punishment for drinking in a vehicle, either it is parked or moving, in a park, along the road, garden or by a river.

Consuming liquor at such places would cost a fine of Rs 5,000 while a repeat offence would invite a fine of Rs 10,000. Till now, violators could get away with only a fine of Rs 500.

Violation of the law will now also lead to detention of the drinkers, and the liquor and car will be confiscated as well. In case the offender creates nuisance after consumption of liquor, the case shall be referred to the court for trial.