This smartphone is better than Jio phone

Mumbai: Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), recently announced the launch of 'intelligent smartphone' which will be available for beta testing from August 15. The phone will support 22 Indian languages. To protect against misuse, customers have to pay a fully refundable Rs 1,500 security deposit while taking a JioPhone.
"A JioPhone user can use the Jio Phone for 36 months and can get a full refund of the security deposit of Rs 1,500 by returning the used JioPhone."
He said JioPhone can be connected to any TV, not just internet TV, to watch videos. "Our young Jio engineers have created an innovation to help them -- a special and affordable "JioPhone TV cable" that connects JioPhone with any TV, not just a smart TV, so that all JioPhone users can enjoy viewing on the big screen of their existing television sets. Along with this accessory, users can opt for the existing Jio Dhan Dhan Dhan Rs 309 pack that would allow users to watch almost three-four hours of videos daily, of their choice, on a large screen." The phone is pre-loaded with applications like Jio Cinema, Jio Music and others.
However, the company is still to confirm that if it will be supporting apps like WhatsApp, which is the need of today's generation, and it's obvious that no one would like to buy a feature just to surf the internet.
Taking the advantage of the features that Jio phone lacks, country's other two telecom companies Idea and Vodafone has come up together to tackle Jio's next strategy.
Idea's announcement came soon after Airtel announced it will not launch a handset.
Idea might be facing an uphill task as it will not be subsidised, and will be priced at Rs. 2,500 whereas the Jio Phone is "essentially free" after an upfront, refundable payment of Rs. 1,500.  
However, in Idea 4G phone's favour will be the presence of popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. While not much is known about the Jio phone yet, but it does not have WhatsApp "at the moment." It is not yet clear whether WhatsApp support will be added later on.
Things which come in favour of Idea 4G phone will be he presence of popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google whereas Reliance Jio is still to make an official statement whether Jio phone will have WhatsApp or will be added later on.
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