This oldest Nokia 3310 has survived 3 army tours and a washing machine!

It is one of the Internet’s favourite legends – or memes, depending which age bracket you fall into – the indestructibility of the Nokia 3310.

A man claims his mobile phone in this oldest being used in Britain – a 17-year-old Nokia 3310 which survived a tour of Iraq and his washing machine.

Dave Mitchell, 49, bought the 90s classic in 2000 and has never looked at getting a replacement for the indestructible phone he says is made out ‘kryptonite’.

Whereas as most people could not live without selfies and apps, Mr Mitchell admits he would be 'distraught' if he was forced to give up his old handset.

He even forgot his spare Nokia 3310 in a drawer in 2010 when he left for duty, knowing full well that he has a backup phone to keep him company should his current 17-yr-old active Nokia 3310 were to conk off.