This muslim wedding card broke all religion barriers

New Delhi: 'Religions are different- rituals are different- languages are different but everyone stands equal below the national flag- Our lovely India, our lovely India..' this slogan was written on a muslim Indian citizen, Mohd. Junaid's wedding card. Apart from the patriotic slogan, their was a photo of Lord Ganesha on the wedding card.

Junaid got married to Ratlam based girl named Rukaiyaa on December 14. Surprisingly, apart from the family members name, the wedding card also hindu friends names under the welcome section. Also, people were urged to bear the 50 days completion of Note ban.

The wedding card had Hindu's first god Lord Ganesha before the Islamic symbol i.e. Moon star. The card urged people of cleaning India and abolish the word 'black money and corruption' from the nation.

It is also said that Junaid's father have served as the chairman of the commitee on Sri Krishna Janmashtami. According to Junaid's uncle, "Abbu Dada (Junaid's father)  has always participated in all religions. Hindu Lord and patriotic slogan on a muslim wedding card has happened for the first time in our area."