This made Aishwarya CRY in public

New Delhi, Nov 22: Recently a shocking incident took place when the lensmen got Aishwarya nearly teary-eyed as she constantly kept urging the paparazzi to put down their cameras. 

Yesterday the former miss world along with her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan, and mother Vrinda Rai, was visiting SMILE foundation on her father Krishnaraj Rai’s birth anniversary to sponsor the surgeries of 100 kids suffering from cleft lips and palates – a condition her father was born with as well. It was during her charity event that the paparazzi clouded her to click away photos which tourned out to be quite chaotic. Even her daughter Aaradhya and mother Vrinda looked helpless. Aaradhya looked visible scared as well. 

Following this, as per reports in DNA, an onlooker informs, “The photographers were shouting at each other. They were fighting for pictures whereas Aishwarya, along with her mom and daughter had already posed for the pictures. The bouncers tried to clear the way when the photographers got into a fight with the security there.”

Things got worse as the event began as the obnoxious cameramen continued to wreak havoc, even disregarding the announcement made by hospital member on the mic asking them to shush. At this point Aishwarya took it in her own hands to communicate and try and calm them down. “Can you all please shush? We are standing here only,” she said while the lens men kept clicking. An irritated Aishwarya then reiterated, “Stop it, I’m talking. Ek second ke liye aap camera bandh kijiye (stop your cameras for a second).”

Aishwarya’s humble protests got them to bring it down, but only for a while. As soon as the AV was played and the kids entered the room, they went clicking away again – which is when Ash lost her cool. An irritated Aishwarya on the verge of breaking down could only say: “You do not need to click my photographs. I’m asking you all to please keep silent. You guys don’t need these images or this clip. We are used to these events because we belong to this business. Please show some respect. This is not a premiere or another public event. There are children here. What’s wrong with you all?”

See the video below: