This Kashmiri cricketer wants to leave his state

Kalyani (West Bengal): Unhappy with the manner in which cricket is being run in Jammu and Kashmir, an angry Parveez Rasool today said that he would be forced to play for a different state if things didn't improve drastically.

"Yes, I am the pride of Jammu and Kashmir. Youngsters get inspired from me. But things have not improved over the years.

A player has a time span of three to four years which can be termed as a make-or-break period. I am in national reckoning.

If things don't change, I may have to think about other options like playing for a different state," Rasool said

The first cricketer from the valley to play for senior national team and state's only representative in the cash-rich IPL is hurt that cricketers from the region don't even get basic facilities for top level cricket.

"We lack facilities. We just have two wickets in entire Jammu and Kashmir -- one in Jammu and another in Kashmir 300 kilometres apart. Players will obviously suffer. When I was included in Team India, I thought our problems will be over.

Look at the environment in Kalyani. There are so many nets here. Here you can enjoy cricket," the off-spinner lamented.

"But back home, infrastructure is almost nil. There's talent definitely. But nothing has changed. Worst things happening. Hope the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators improves the conditions."

"Cricket must go on. There's politics everywhere but cricket does not suffer. There's infrastructure, coaches and facility. I'm thinking of quitting but it's at an early stage and there's nothing official as yet."

He is also peeved with the cricket administration and revealed he had offers from two-three states a couple of years back but he stayed on for the pride of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Non-cricketers are ruling the association without any knowledge of the game. If your team does well your chances of representing India also improves. We have huge potential but our problems not helping the situation.